The Dero Scam

The gold necklace dangles in front of you. Sparkling yellow hues and reflecting light. Its so cheap that you could easily buy it but your conscience whispers no.

Sure, you could buy a gold filled necklace but it could never be the real thing. That’s how we feel about dero except the gold filling is actually horses*** and the necklace is even more horses***. How anyone could invest in such a blatantly scam project is beyond us but we should never underestimate the power of the internet and numbers. Given the large amount of people on the internet, there are bound to be some suckers along the way. Enter Dero.

The shady guy says not to worry. Trust him. It’s real.

Dero is a laughable attempt to “recode Monero into GO.” Why they wanted to do this is beyond us as it seems like a lot of work for nothing. While not inherently plagiarism as discussed in this scathing report, it is lazy and pretty scummy. What’s even funnier to us is the fact that they turned their code private. No more can we tell if they are working on anything and have added any developments to their goal.

You buy the necklace. It feels lighter than it should. You reassure yourself, surely it was a good deal.

Sure you can have a working product that comes out of this but considering their background, we can say it probably isn’t unique and instead a clone of something better. Likewise, while the coders at Dero can copy and paste this code just fine, it does not mean they can maintain it and it definitely does not mean that they can build on it. With long gaps in their work (at one point nearly a year), shoddy copy and paste code, and terrible leadership/infighting, Dero should not be a coin that anyone buys for any reason whatsoever.

The necklace turns your skin green like the money you lost paying for it. In your shame you think to yourself, I should have saw this coming.

This is the first publication in a series. Please come back later for more updates.

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