The Exchange with Ogre-Sized Bargains

When we bring up TradeOgre to fellow traders, we are always met with shock and skepticism when we say that it is one of the most secure and stable exchanges around. Now, hear us out before you immediately discount what we are saying.

At first glance, the website seems a bit sketchy. Add the fact that the help desk only exists as a direct message on Twitter and you have a completely anonymous exchange that is almost akin to a back alley crack dealer. While this may sound a bit bonkers, we like to think this is what makes TradeOgre safe, reliable, and secure. How? Consider the fact that Cryptopia, a major exchange in New Zealand, was hacked in early 2019 and users still have not got their funds (it’s been over a year now). Why was cryptopia hacked? Because it was open and transparent. TradeOgre on the other hand exists as a phantom in a digital world. We like that.

TradeOgre also does not show a bias in favor of large coins. In fact, most of the coins TradeOgre are smaller privacy projects. With a no KYC policy and easy registration process, the exchange allows for users to trade with ease. While we think that TradeOgre is a wonderful exchange, we also think that nobody should store their coins on any exchange for long periods of time for any reason whatsoever.

Today, TradeOgre is faring much better than when it first started. This week, more than 30 BTC of trade volume has exchanged hands. With such great volume and privacy galore, we can’t recommend TradeOgre enough. Featuring both LTC and BTC markets, the exchange offers a fairly traditional approach. We would have like to see a Monero market (or other privacy coin) but we aren’t expecting one anytime in the future.

Even though we show a lot of favor towards this exchange, there are some features that we find a bit boring. Namely, the UI looks as though it is from the early 2000s. While clean and simple, it could use a facelift. Likewise, the mascot and branding is a bit archaic. Beyond this, however, we find that the exchange does a good job at what an exchange ought to do – trade coins.

Check out TradeOgre at and @TradeOgre

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