A Brief Interview With FireIce_UK

If you have ever looked into mining Monero, you probably have come across XMR-STAK – a mining program developed by FireIce_UK and Psychocrypt that focuses on using GPUs (video cards). To say FireIce_UK is an eccentric person is an understatement. A query of his past with Monero is filled with intrigue, hilarious insults, and a good bit of drama to say the least.

Clearly there is a bit of history with FireIce when it comes to Monero, however, this story is not about Monero. Recently, a reader reached out to the RYO developer for a short interview. While brief, FireIce_UK’s thoughts do carry a good bit of weight as he is definitely one of the heavy lifters on the current crypto scene. With numerous contributions to Monero, Sumokoin (FireIce_UK found this coin to be a scam), and RYO, FireIce_UK has shown that he is definitely somebody you should be looking at.

Enter the Mind of FireIce_UK

1. How do you see the future of cryptocurrency changing? Is there a future for private coins?

Of course, in fact technologies like halo 2 will most likely make their way into non-privacy coins too because they have huge scalability benefits.

2. What irks you the most about the current cryptospace?

Amount of scams, both large and small

3. What coins other than RYO have your attention?

Zcash, ethereum and to lesser extent bitcoin cash

(We really don’t understand why bitcoin cash is included. We will clarify in a future follow up.)

4. What are you doing with RYO that sets it apart from all the other coins out there?

Dedication to actual privacy, as opposed to covering up the flaws. Botnet and ASIC-free mining algo.

5. Explain BADCACA for the uninitiated, what is it and what was the motivation for it?

It is a public exposure of the privacy problems in cryptonote.

6. You started with a miner to help Monero and even made some helpful criticisms in the past, why the divergence from the project?

The fact that Howard Chu exploded when he saw that I wrote a faster miner earlier on, and my unwillingness “to say nice things just to get accepted”

7. What are you hoping to accomplish in the cryptospace?

Have fun, grow ryo.

8. What are your qualifications to accomplish the above goal?

I have been writing code all my teenage and adult life 🙂

9. What are you looking forward to in the cryptospace?

Halo 2 from Zcash and ETH2.0 – both major innovations

While brief, we appreciate FireIce_UK for his time. Clearly, CryptoNote coins, while no doubt more private than Bitcoin, have their faults. We are elated, however, that competent coders like FireIce_UK et al. are tackling the issues so that we as users have piece of mind and privacy when transacting online. It is also unfortunate that the tribalism and infighting have caused RYO and the work of other coins to go more or less unnoticed by the average crypto user. We do hope that you take the time to go and give RYO a lookover since we think it is indeed one of the only coins that is actually being developed in a way that is transparent and capable.

Further Information

Website: https://ryo-currency.com/

Social Links : https://ryo-currency.com/social/

FAQ: https://ryo-currency.com/faq/

Library: https://ryo-currency.com/library/

Donation Address:

RYO: RYoKswSUBipRR7bTPZkrJoSVCc7ZfDCqaj7WZdaa3N5M4ChxzD7JctU

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