Can Masari be Monero’s Litecoin?

Started in 2017, Masari was one of the second generation privacy coins that seemed to be focused on solving the scalability problem in Cryptonote coins. The lead developer, Thaer Khawaja, looked focused on this subject and keen on testing whether or not an on level scaling solution could be found (this is contrasted to a second layer solution in which some other mechanism not inherently found in the coin is used to scale it to handle the load of transactions). Today, there isn’t much development in terms of solving this problem, however, there is still some merit to be found and we think that warrants a second look at this small project.

ThaerK’s Novel Scaling Solution for CryptoNote Coins

For the most part, Masari has made some pretty interesting advancements to the cryptocurrency world. From their privacy focused web wallet, to “the first iteration of uncle mining in Cryptonote”, Masari has created novel and useful tech that other coins have forked and claimed as their own. Undoubtedly, the developers at Masari know their stuff but there seems to be somewhat of an issue with the team. In the beginning there were 3 developers for Masari, today there is arguably 2. We don’t know exactly what happened for them to leave but we can say that development for the coin has slowed since their departure. Looking at the Github, Masari is currently maintained by a developer named CamtheGeek and the founder Thaer Khawaja.

Masari’s Developers Past and Present

CamtheGeek seems to have started his work with Masari sometime in 2018-19. To date, he has been responsible for a lot of the maintenance that a cryptocurrency requires. During our research we also found that he released a lighter weight desktop wallet for Masari (as they were using a forked version of Monero’s wallet). We downloaded it and found it to be smooth and simple to use. In many respects it is a mirror of the web wallet, however. While Cam is talented, his skills seem to be limited in terms of the coding necessary to further the scaling solutions that Thaer discussed when he first launched the coin.

Thaer Khawaja is an interesting developer. A look at Masari’s BitcoinTalk thread shows a developer who was much more committed to the project in 2017 than he is now. Considering this, Masari seems like it could be a risky bet but bear with us as we explain why this lack of development could be a good thing for you.

Our idea is simple: since the coin seems to be in a sort of limbo and development slowed, it could be an excellent opportunity to enter into this project while not having to spend a large amount of money. While Thaer’s work is slowed, we think that it should resume in the future as he has told the community (although numerous times) that he will commit more time to the problem he wanted to fix – layer 1 scaling solutions to cryptonote. We think that because Masari has contributed so many advancements that take actual skill, it ought to be worth more than it is now.

Though, we think you should take all this with a grain of salt. While CamtheGeek has managed to keep the coin afloat, there doesn’t seem to be much interest from other developers to join the coin. That aside, there aren’t many cryptonote coins that offer new tech and actual advancement. If Masari is able to solve the scaling problem, it would undoubtedly work faster and handle more of a load than Monero. We think there was always the idea for it to be looked at in this way, but as things are now, it hasn’t made it yet.

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