Is Scala Worth It?

Recently, we decided to take a look at some of the lesser known privacy projects on TradeOgre. Of the coins, one in particular stood out like a sore thumb – Scala. With no trading volume and a ridiculous amount of coins up for grabs, we wondered: what is up with this coin (Scala has a current supply of 13,539,404,259.46 with 9,739,404,259.46 in circulation)? That’s not to say that we think negatively about it, in fact, a lot of smaller privacy coins are feeling the pressures of Bitcoin’s recent push – Scala price today is $0.00022643 with a 24-hour trading volume of $7,645. XLA. So naturally, smaller projects – especially CryptoNote projects – are being pulverized and Scala is no different. So what is it an why should we care?

Scala Market on TradeOgre

As you can see, the BTC/XLA market on TradeOgre is abysmal. This is not true for the LTC/XLA as there is definitely buying pressure there.

LTC Scala Market on TradeOgre

Scala is a very small Crypto project headed by a rather large team (compared to other projects of similar size).

We couldn’t find any more information about the team such as real names or other real life information which could hurt the trustworthiness of the project, however, as it is a privacy project, this sort of thing should be expected.

Their coding frequency looks to have stopped sometime last year around August. That said, there were some commits (coding) done as late as December of last year but again most of the heavy lifting seems to have been relegated to a few members.

We think some of the tech is pretty good, namely the delayed proof of work and smartphone miner (don’t know why anybody would need this but its cool nonetheless). Given the development, we don’t know why there aren’t at least some buys for the project. Looking at the project’s information pages, we think its main hurdle is being jargon centric and difficult to follow for the non coders. Case point:

Scala is a privacy-focused cryptocurrency project linking Web3 storage technologies with an opaque blockchain, to build a globally scalable and mobile-friendly ecosystem.

Our vision is to see a distributed world connected through thousands of blockchain based applications, powered by a scalable network combining millions of mobile, home, and server devices.

‌”Cryptocurrency” is really just a name, masking a revolutionary wall of code much deeper underneath. Many have been led to believe that cryptocurrency is only useful for online financial transactions, however it could not be further from the truth.

Scala takes advantage of next-gen technologies such as IPFS, WebTorrent and custom software to provide the utility of datastorage and also uses the battletested cryptonote blockchain for providing the financial aspects.

This is just too much for the average crypto user to follow and thus we think it has really hurt to the project. We are hoping that it can gain more traction and support as it grows to become more noob friendly. So, what we know is that XLA is a private crypto bent on creating a fungible currency that is stable and usable by mobile phones. More information about the project can be found at Like we said, we think its not very noob friendly but we do think that the team is capable. As the coin fixes this problem, we imagine prices will match.

Donation Address:

XLA: Ssy2RfYPc3g8unYnynELKRBFJ7FLziAxJasAZGKBvQ2qExqL2R7DxWs7FJqtMwU9UXJkxzsieWymFTbTuCE4uB3T2PMe9yNWGp

XMR: 83pKZcdEqErKH8Ld7voiLmS1x2QqpbuSNNuaE3aiZ9Vi4sYibXVHgB25aybhU4Fi8KQtScDaWYb9zguXbsCNDerJBGZUeCU

RYO: RYoKswSUBipRR7bTPZkrJoSVCc7ZfDCqaj7WZdaa3N5M4ChxzD7JctU

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