Very few coins irk us as much as Sumokoin. Originally, we kind of just looked at the coin as an amateurish cash grab by some entrepreneurial simpleton Madoff types but boy were we wrong. Most crypto groups develop and focus on making good s***. This coin doesn’t. Instead, there have been numerous reports of trolling, sock puppeting, and online bullying from avid users (and maybe even developers) of this coin.
Buy SUMO at your own risk

Why would they do this? Simple: Money. Not too long ago (eons in the crypto world) FireIce_UK discovered a hidden premine while working for SumoKoin. Totaling in the millions (400k Sumo at 10 USD height), the Sumo developers were undoubtedly thinking about going to an island far far away after duping all of their “investors.” Even to this day, they are still trying to unload their steaming piles of s*** – I mean coins on to unsuspecting persons.

Sumo Devs Jumping Ship

Take it from us, there are far more CryptoNote coins out there that are small caps that have potential: Masari, Ryo, and Zano to name a few. This coin is undoubtedly a scam and is perpetuated by people who do not care about you or your pocketbook. Why anyone would want to buy it beyond market speculation is beyond us. Heed our warning or pay the price.

More links about the scam:

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